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Can electronic glue be waterproof?

Electronic gum and flame retardant gum are widely used as indispensable auxiliary materials in electronic and electrical industry production and processing. Electronic yellow glue, flame retardant yellow glue can be bonded materials: glass, ceramics, rubber, leather, wood, stone, jade, wire, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, copper, electroplating parts, PC, ABS, PET, acrylic, circuit board, PCB board, terminal, wire, semiconductor devices, etc. In the production and processing of electronic and electrical products, electronic yellow glue can achieve the functions of bonding, positioning, filling, waterproof, shockproof, sealing, insulation, fixation, reinforcement and so on.

Electronic yellow glue is a common glue used in the production and processing of electronic and electrical products, so electronic yellow glue in addition to bonding, sealing and other functions, but also waterproof? Can electronic yellow glue have waterproof effect? Of course, electronic yellow glue has the role of waterproof, because the adhesive and sealing of electronic yellow glue is still good, so the waterproof part of the adhesive is no problem. Because yellow glue is only suitable for bonding and sealing between parts of a small area, if it is waterproof in a large area, electronic yellow glue is not suitable. The waterproof problem between parts of a large area can be completed with waterproof glue, three anti-glue, potting glue and other glue.

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