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Yaoneng adhesive information

Silicone conformal coating , there is no smell?

Three anti paint is a kind of compound chemical, most of the three anti paint has a smell, some smell big, some smell small.The size of the smell is mainly due to the smell of the main material and solvent.Silicone three-proof paint is a kind of environmental protection, high-quality three-proof paint for PCB circuit board. Silicone three-proof paint has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, salt spray resistance, aging resistance, easy repair and so on.Silicone three anti paint smell is the smallest one of all three anti paint, is an environmentally friendly high-end three anti paint, yao neng silicone three anti paint rich categories, many options.Welcome customers to sample and buy Yoneng silicone three anti - paint products.

Yaoneng three anti paint varieties, stable quality, timely supply, is our customers long-term reliable partner.

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