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Spray type three anti-adhesive introduction

Three anti-adhesive is the ideal protective material and equipment for the surface of the circuit board. Three anti-adhesive can effectively protect the circuit board and provide reliable support for the normal operation and performance of the circuit board. Three anti-glue flexible protective layer of high temperature resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof, insulation, no corrosion to the surface of the circuit board.

Three anti-glue construction technology is mainly brush coating, spraying, dip coating. Which construction technology is suitable for their own products, according to their own products and the situation and relevant requirements and determine the suitable process. Here we mainly introduce yao Neng spraying three anti-adhesive 173 model, Yao Neng 173 model three anti-adhesive is a low viscosity, translucent, low smell of three anti-adhesive, can be directly spraying operation without adding diluent operation, convenient and efficient. The three anti-adhesive sprays dry after 10 to 15 minutes. By part of the three anti-adhesive customers of the long-term praise.

If you need sample or purchase 173 model three glue, you can contact Yaoneng company, free sample.