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What are the brands of circuit board conformal coating?

Circuit board conformal coating has now become indispensable protective materials, electronic products conformal coating brand more, more, more manufacturers category, then PCB conformal coating which brands, which brands of circuit board conformal coating stable quality and high quality, yao can xugong technology engineer to analysis and explain, for everybody to do the reference.

The brand of circuit board conformal coating is divided into imported brand and domestic brand. Because the circuit board conformal coating was first developed, produced and promoted in foreign countries, so the imported brand circuit board conformal coating still occupies a certain market share in the market and has a good reputation. Domestic circuit board conformable coating brand has been developing rapidly for more than ten years, and has become one of the categories of adhesive industry with rapid growth, and the market demand for circuit board conformable coating is very strong.

Currently commonly used imported circuit board conformable coating brands are mainly Dow DOWSIL (Dow Corning), Yi Ligao, Germany Peters, Humi Seal, CRC, Maitu Momentive, Henkel Thai and other brands, these brands entered the domestic market earlier, quality is also more stable, some manufacturers have been choosing the above brands.

Domestic circuit board conformation coating brands are mainly sanhe, Bridge, Yao neng, Baoyue, Huitian and other circuit board three anti paint brands, the same brands also occupy a place in the domestic three anti paint market, is also a good choice for our customers.

Conformal coating, also known as circuit board conformal coating, three anti-glue, moisture-proof paint, insulating paint, coating glue, coating glue, moisture-proof oil, generic coating, coating coating, electronic coating materials, etc., the English name is Conformal coating. Conformable coating is a kind of single-component transparent or translucent adhesive curing at room temperature, heating curing, uv curing, with low viscosity, high transparency, excellent insulation performance, high and low temperature resistance, easy to use and so on.

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