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The characteristics and application range of organic silica gel water

Organic silica gel water is a kind of one - component or two - component silicon adit adhesive, can be cured at room temperature or heating state.It is a widely used electronic adhesive and sealant in the electronic industry and industrial manufacturing.The characteristics of organic silica gel water are as follows:
1, superior electrical performance, in all kinds of harsh conditions can still maintain excellent electrical performance;
2. No corrosion, no damage to the surface of the bonded and potted substrate;
3, good bonding performance, without surface treatment can be directly bonded to metal, glass, ceramics, a variety of plastics and other materials;
4, glue before and after curing no pollution to the environment, no harm to human body;
5, excellent temperature range, glue curing in -60 ~ 300℃ still maintain good physical state and electrical properties;
6, excellent weather resistance and aging resistance, anti-ultraviolet, ozone, moisture, the impact of the atmosphere;
7, glue curing shrinkage rate is very low, small internal stress, no impact on all kinds of products, after curing glue volume shrinkage;
8, simple and convenient to use, can be extruded from the packaging container directly use, can be room temperature or heating curing, very convenient.
Organic silica gel water is divided into: one component organic silica gel water and two component organic silica gel water.
One component organic silica gel water is characterized by: natural curing at room temperature or normal temperature, without heating curing;Single liquid type glue is directly extruded from the packaging tube, without mixing ratio and mixing. It is mainly used for bonding, fixing, strengthening, insulation, sealing and filling of products.Two-component silicone is characterized by the need to mix the ratio and use, glue can be cured at room temperature or heating, glue can be deeply cured, mainly used for circuit board sealing and electronic components sealing and packaging.
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The main application fields of Yaoneng organic silica gel water are:Electronic appliances, lighting lighting, LED products, IT products, power equipment, communications equipment, instruments and meters, electric tools, security equipment, digital, auto electronic, military industry, hardware appliances, aerospace, household appliances, household electrical appliances, new energy, intelligent industrial control, electrician electrical, vehicle manufacturing, consumer electronics, medical equipment, etc.
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