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How to choose the right silicone glue?

Electronic silica gel, silica gel glue, organic silica gel are diverse, and many silica gel brands play different roles or have their pertinence and particularity. The main functions of silica gel glue are: bonding, fixing, sealing, positioning, insulation, waterproof, filling, thermal conductivity, sealing, flame retardant, shockproof, covering, temperature resistance, etc. Silicone glue can bond and seal most metal and non-metal materials.

Yaoneng engineers suggest that the selection of silica gel glue should pay attention to the following points:

1. Determine and understand the types of bonding materials and the size of bonding area;

2, understand the use process and environment of the product to determine the requirements of the product, such as silicone color, temperature resistance, flame retardant, thermal conductivity and other requirements;

3. Understand the certification report and relevant product information required by the product;

4. Understand the shelf life, price and procurement cycle of silica gel glue. Generally, imported silica gel has a short shelf life and a long procurement cycle.

5, understand the silicone glue manufacturers silicone quality, supply capacity, delivery, after-sales and other aspects of the situation.

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The main application areas of Yaoneng silicone glue are: Electronic appliances, lighting lighting, LED products, IT products, power equipment, communications equipment, instruments and meters, electric tools, security equipment, digital, auto electronic, military industry, hardware appliances, aerospace, household appliances, household electrical appliances, new energy, intelligent industrial control, electrician electrical, vehicle manufacturing, consumer electronics, medical equipment, etc.

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