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Is there a difference between screw fixing glue and anaerobic glue?

Screw fixing glue, also called screw fixing agent, screw glue. It is mainly composed of vinyl acetate resin, thermoplastic resin and rubber environmental solvent. It has good permeability and adhesion. It can be used for fastening screws, nuts, nuts and split pins and other parts. After drying, the glue coating has elasticity, anti-vibration, anti-impact, anti-loosening and anti-rust, marking and other effects. The glue - coated screw has a strong anti-loosening effect, but easy to loosen. Can prevent screw rust and do not corrode metal or plastic decorative surface. Non - anaerobic glue, oxygen - free conditions can be used, convenient and practical. Screw fixing glue color is mainly red, green, transparent these colors. Single liquid low viscosity glue, can be hand sizing or machine dispensing, suitable for high efficiency production.


Anaerobic glue is also called screw glue, which is also a kind of screw fixing glue. However, anaerobic adhesive can only be cured under the condition of air isolation, and can only be used for fastening and bonding between metal materials. Generally can only be used for thread and bolt joints. It belongs to anaerobic screw fixing glue. Non - anaerobic screw fixing glue can be used in aerobic and anaerobic conditions, threads and nuts can be used, plastic screws can also be used.


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