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What conformal coating does ultrasonic circuit board use?

Conformal coating, also known as circuit board conformal coating, three anti-glue, insulating paint, coating glue, coating glue, moisture-proof oil, generic film coating, coating coating, electronic coating materials, etc., is an English name of conformal coating.Conformal coating is a single component of room temperature curing, heating curing, UV curing transparent or translucent adhesives, with low viscosity, high transparency, excellent insulation performance, high and low temperature resistance, easy to use and so on.Conformation coating is mainly used in the assembly of all kinds of electronic circuit board surface coating, coating role, to provide protection for the circuit board, so that the circuit board to moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-salt spray, isolation, mildew, insulation and other protection, in order to improve the product performance, stability, safety and service life of the role.

Ultrasonic waves are mechanical waves with very short wavelengths, typically less than 2cm (cm) in air. It must rely on medium for propagation and cannot exist in a vacuum such as space. It spreads far in water than in air, but because of its short wavelength, it is easy to lose and scatter in air, which is not as far as audible sound and infrasonic wave. However, it is easier to obtain anisotropic sound energy with short wavelength, which can be used for cleaning, gravel, sterilization and disinfection. It has many applications in medicine and industry. The circuit board of ultrasonic generator also needs to use three anti-paint, three anti-paint can provide a full range of safety protection for ultrasonic circuit board, Yao Neng 160 model three anti-paint is suitable for the use of such products and industry, the following details of the three anti-paint. Welcome to sample and purchase yao Neng 160 model three anti paint.

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