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What is the difference between electronic yellow glue, electronic red glue, electronic green glue and electronic black glue?

Electronic yellow glue, electronic red glue, electronic green glue, electronic black glue generally refers to the solvent volatile adhesive.The main material of this kind of glue is composed of neoprene rubber.Solvent-based glue is widely used in electronic and electrical industry and product production process.What are the characteristics and differences of these kinds of glue? Yao Can company to analyze and answer them.

1, electronic yellow glue is generally divided into UL flame retardant yellow glue and ordinary electronic yellow glue, electronic yellow glue is mainly used for fixing, bonding, sealing, insulation, flame retardant and other effects, suitable for the assembly of products and parts with a large gap.Table dry speed, strong adhesion, and has good toughness.

2, electronic red glue, electronic green glue generally low viscosity, used for small gap products and parts of the fixation and sealing, such as coil fixation, line fixation.Can also be used for fixing screws, nuts, marking and other purposes.

3, electronic vinyl, because of its color is black, generally suitable for bonding and sealing with black products and materials, electronic black adhesive relay is strong, easy to use.Generally used in speakers, loudspeakers, electronic digital products, electronic organ and other products.

After the above description, I think we should have some basic understanding and judgment of solvent-based glue, and we will choose more accurately when we need this kind of glue in the future.

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