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How to correct repair and removal of electronic silicone glue?

The removal and cleaning of electronic silica gel can be divided into two situations: before and after curing of silica gel.Before curing, if you need to remove silica gel, you can wipe the unwanted organic silica gel with a dry cloth or paper towel, and then use acetone, alcohol or solvent gasoline to clean the residual glue.After curing, the silica gel removal method can first use a plastic scraper or tool to remove the colloid as much as possible. The residual colloid can be soaked in acetone or toluene, and then be removed again after softening. After removing the colloid, the surface can be cleaned with solvent.Silica gel glue, electronic silica gel repair and removal method is such, I hope to help you in the use of silica gel glue.

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