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What are the advantages of yaoneng silicone conformal coating?

Conformal coating, also known as circuit board conformal coating, three anti-glue, insulating paint, coating glue, coating glue, moisture-proof oil, generic film coating, coating coating, electronic coating materials, etc., is an English name of conformal coating.Conformal coating is a single component of room temperature curing, heating curing, UV curing transparent or translucent adhesives, with low viscosity, high transparency, excellent insulation performance, high and low temperature resistance, easy to use and so on.Conformation coating is mainly used in the assembly of all kinds of electronic circuit board surface coating, coating role, to provide protection for the circuit board, so that the circuit board to moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-salt spray, isolation, mildew, insulation and other protection, in order to improve the product performance, stability, safety and service life of the role.

Organic silicon conformal coating is characterized by one-component silicone resin, low viscosity, low smell, cured paint film has good elasticity, easy to repair, insulation performance is good, strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance and excellent electrical properties, resistance to high and low temperature performance, good chemical resistance, room temperature curing, much higher requirements for environmental products and fields.Yaoneng silicone conformal coating can be divided into solvent, solvent free, brush, spray, fluorescent, alternative imported silicone conformal coating and other types.The advantages of Yaoneng silicone conformal coating can be summarized as follows:

1, a wide range of temperature, silicone conformal coating in the range of -60 to 200 degrees for a long time to keep the performance and mechanical strength of the product unchanged, in high and low temperature resistance surface excellent.

2. Excellent performance in aging resistance, atmospheric resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

3, stable electrical performance, high insulation strength, good toughness, strong adhesion.

4, part of the organic silicon conformation coating has flame retardant effect, can reach UL94V0 grade.

5, silicone conformal coating smell is very low, very friendly to the environment, in line with the current environmental protection policies and ideas.

6, high-end electronic products and important products most of the use of high quality silicone conformal coating series products.

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