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Yaoneng adhesive information

What glue does the lamp product stick seal to use?

What kind of glue effect is good for the bonding and sealing of lamps and lanterns products and convenient operation?For mass production, productivity is also an important consideration.Yaoneng electronic silica gel series products can meet the production and use of lamps and lanterns.

The electronic silica gel series for lamps and lamps is a kind of semi-flowing single component room temperature curing organic silicone rubber, the color is fully transparent, translucent, white, neutral curing, through the condensation reaction with water in the air to release low molecules caused by crosslinking, and vulcanized into high-performance elastomer.Electronic silica gel for the vast majority of metals, plastics and hardware without corrosion, and has good adhesion and adhesion.Curing material has excellent high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance and electrical insulation performance, excellent moisture proof, waterproof, seismic, chemical resistance, curing material without any smell.Full compliance with EU RoHS2.0 Directive requirements.

Yaoneng electronic silica gel for lamps and lanterns products model is 501 fully transparent neutral electronic silica gel, 502 translucent neutral tasteless electronic silica gel, 503 white neutral electronic silica gel.It can be widely used for bonding and sealing plastic, metal, glass, circuit board, wire end, solder joint protection and other functions and applications.It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, lighting and other industrial fields.Welcome to inquire product information and sample.


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