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What is a thermal interface material ?

Thermal interface material (English name: Thermal interface material), also known as interface Thermal materials, Thermal management materials.It is a kind of widely used in IC packaging and electronic and electrical products heat dissipation material, mainly used to fill the small gap and uneven surface holes when two kinds of materials joint or contact, reduce the impedance of heat transfer of components or heating products, improve the heat dissipation and heat dissipation efficiency.

With the rapid development and upgrading of modern electronic technology, the integration degree and assembly precision of electronic components are continuously improved, which not only provides a powerful use function, but also leads to a sharp increase in power consumption and calorific value.High temperature will have a great impact on the stability, safety and life of electronic components. For example, excessive temperature will endanger the junction of semiconductors, damage the connection interface of circuits, increase the resistance value of conductors and cause mechanical stress damage.Thus ensure that the heat generated by the heating electronic components can timely discharge, has become an important technology electronics system assembly, for the degree of integration and assembly accuracy is higher of portable electronic products (laptop, tablet, scanners, hand-held terminals, etc.), heat dissipation and even become the important and difficult problem of the entire product technology.In the field of microelectronics, a new discipline, thermal management discipline, has been gradually developed, which specializes in the study of the safe heat dissipation methods, heat dissipation equipment and the heat dissipation materials used in various electronic equipment.

As the requirements for safe heat dissipation of microelectronic products are getting higher and higher, thermal conductive interface materials are also developing continuously.Thermal silicone grease is one of the earliest thermal interface materials and has been widely used.But because of its operation is difficult, the long-term use of failure such as faults, at present has been gradually gives way to other new type of thermal interface materials, shenzhen yaoneng  company mainly has the following several kinds of new type of thermal conductive materials: 1, which has the function of adhesive thermal curing adhesive glue 2, 3 solid state thermal conductive silicone gaskets, flexible, high thermal conductivity of thermal conductive gel and other related products.It has formed a relatively complete and stable whole series of thermal conductive material products, which can meet the full range of applications of electronic, electrical and micro-electronic products.Shenzhen Yaoneng Technology Co., Ltd. Welcome customers to inquire or sample our company's thermal interface material products.


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