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2021 - Tomb Sweeping Day holiday notice

All colleagues and partners:
In accordance with national laws and regulations and the company's production and operation conditions, Yaoneng Company will make the following holiday arrangements. Please be informed that the holiday will be from April 3 to April 4, 2021, and the company will work on April 5.
Shenzhen Yaoneng Technology Co., Ltd
The 2021-3-29
Shenzhen Yaoneng Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of adhesives, electronic glue.The main products are: three anti paint, electronic silica gel, organic silica gel, thermal silicone grease, instantaneous dry glue, epoxy AB glue, UL yellow glue, UV glue, sealant, potting glue, thermal glue and other kinds of glue.Yaoneng Electronic Glue has rich varieties, stable quality, timely supply, and is a long-term and reliable partner of our customers.