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Electronic cement

  • 1603W electronic flame retardant white glue
  • 1603W electronic flame retardant white glue
1603W electronic flame retardant white glue1603W electronic flame retardant white glue

1603W electronic flame retardant white glue

  • Product Description: General electronic white glue, adhesive yellow glue, flame retardant yellow glue
  • Product features: medium viscosity, white colloid, fast surface drying, flame retardant
  • Application: used in the production and processing of electronic components and products
  • Featured services: provide samples, technical advice
  • Product description: Applicable to electronic appliances, household appliances, consumer electronics and other industries
I. [Product Features]
1. It is a kind of one-component adhesive composed of environmental protection resin, flame retardant material, rubber environmental protection solvent, etc. It is simple and convenient to operate, short positioning time, and high initial adhesive strength.
2. After curing, the product has excellent flame retardant performance, insulation, earthquake resistance, moistureproof, strong bonding force and good toughness.
3. It can bond, paste and position electronic products;Good adhesion to plastics, wire, wood, glass, metal, leather, rubber, electronic parts, electronic components, circuit boards, semiconductor devices, ceramics.
Two, [scope of application]
Yoneng 1603W electronic flame retardant white glue is suitable for the following products and range:
1, can be widely used in audio-visual appliances, TV, monitor, audio and other household appliances in the loose parts fixed.Bonding, positioning, filling, sealing, insulating and fixing of electronic industrial components, PCB circuit boards, wire coils and other components.Including hard to stick materials such as rubber, plastics, ceramics and so on.

2, widely used in metal, glass, ceramics, PCB, semiconductor devices, plastic and other objects bonding, sealing, fixing.

IV. [Usage]
1, clean: clean the surface of the construction substrate dust, water, oil and other impurities, and keep dry.
2, sizing: can be directly squeezed on the construction parts (3kg/ barrel packaging, can first pour the glue into the nozzle plastic bottle, or directly pour the glue into the plastic bottle with the glue dispenser dispensing), then the components are bonded and fixed.25℃ for 2-3 hours positioning (can enter the next process), 24 hours after the maximum strength (according to the size of the area, temperature and other factors, curing time will change).
5. [Precautions]
1. Venting and personal protection should be strengthened in the production process. Open fire is strictly prohibited and fire sources and heat sources should be kept away.
2, handling light, packaging cover should be promptly covered, not used up glue should be sealed, so as not to glue thickening.
3, the test of various performance parameters should be carried out at least 48 hours after sizing, at this time the glue is completely cured.
4. For more data and information, please consult Shenzhen Yaoneng Company for relevant advice and help.
VI. [Packaging and Storage]
1. This product is packed in 100ml/ piece, 3kg/ barrel, or customized 300ml/ piece plastic tube.
2. This product is a general product, stored sealed in a ventilated, dry, cool, dark place, shelf life of 10 months.