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Electronic cement

  • 1605 transparent electronic yellow glue
1605 transparent electronic yellow glue

1605 transparent electronic yellow glue

  • Product Description: transparent electronic yellow glue, adhesive yellow glue, fixed yellow glue
  • Product features: low viscosity, transparent yellow colloid, fast surface drying
  • Application: electronic components, earphones, audio
  • Color service: provide samples, technical consultation
  • Product description: Applicable to electronic appliances, household appliances, earphones, speakers, audio, consumer electronics and other industries
I. [Product Features]
1. It is a kind of one-component adhesive composed of environmental protection resin, thermoplastic material and rubber environmental protection solvent. It is simple and convenient to operate, short positioning time and high initial adhesive strength.
2, after curing, the product is insulated, shockproof, moistureproof, strong adhesive force and has good toughness.
3, the product after curing volume shrinkage is small, use without drawing.Low viscosity glue can fill small gaps and precision parts.
4. It can bond, paste and position electronic products;Good adhesion to plastics, wire, wood, glass, metal, leather, rubber, electronic parts, electronic components, circuit boards, ceramics.
Two, [scope of application]
Yaoneng 1605 electronic fixed adhesive is suitable for the following products and range:
1. Widely used for the fixation of loose parts in household appliances such as audio-visual appliances, TV, speakers, earphones and acoustics.Bonding, positioning, filling, fixing, sealing and insulation of electronic industrial components, PCB circuit boards, power supply, electronic components and other components.
2. Widely used in metal, glass, ceramics, PCB, semiconductor devices, plastics and other objects bonding, sealing, fixing.