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Flame retardant coating

  • 173 silicone rubber conformal coating can be sprayed - copy - copy
173 silicone rubber conformal coating can be sprayed - copy - copy

173 silicone rubber conformal coating can be sprayed - copy - copy

  • Product Description: Silicone flame retardant conformal coating
  • Product features: low viscosity, colorless and transparent, can be directly sprayed
  • Application: circuit board protection, circuit board coating, circuit board three protection
  • Featured services: free sample, substitute for import
  • Product description: 173 silicone rubber conformal coating

I. [Product Features]

1, one component silicone resin, low viscosity, very low odor, after curing film elasticity, easy repair, good insulation performance

2, Fast drying insulating paint, strong adhesion, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance and excellent electrical properties

3. Excellent high and low temperature resistance and good chemical resistance;Room temperature curing, more used in environmental requirements of high products and fields

4, Flame retardant conformal coating, used for the circuit board coating more reliable, safer, more stable

Two, [scope of application]

YaoNeng 173 Conformation Coating is applicable to all kinds of assembled PCBA circuit boards to protect the circuit boards from various chemicals, moisture, salt spray corrosion, dust and high and low temperature and other adverse environmental impact, prolong the service life of the equipment and improve the safety and stability of the product.The cured paint film has elasticity, strong adhesion and good aesthetics.At the same time, it has excellent insulation, moistureproof, anti-leakage, shockproof, anti-fouling, dustproof, mildewproof, anti-salt fog, anti-corrosion, corona resistance, anti-oxidation and other characteristics, which can play a significant multi-prevention effect.Mainly used in: hybrid integrated circuit, automobile electronic control board, electronic and electrical circuit board, aviation instrument board, flexible printed circuit, microcomputer control board, semiconductor crystal circuit board, home appliance control system, etc.

三、【Technical index

Name of index


Index value

Before curing



Conformal coating 173





Visual inspection

Transparent liquid







Solid content



Surface drying time



Full drying time









shore A


Breakdown voltage



Dielectric constant



Volume resistance



Dielectric loss



Operation temperature


Waterproof class



Flame retardant



Heat resistant class


Class H




Above mechanical and electrical properties of the above products were measured 72 hours after

complete curing at 25℃ and relative temperature 55%

IV. [Usage]
1. Clean and dry the circuit board.Before use, clean or clean the circuit board surface of dust, impurities, oil, and remove moisture and moisture.It is recommended to dry the board at 60℃ for 10 to 15 minutes. The circuit board can be taken out and coated with conformal coating after natural cooling in the oven.
2. Covering and shielding.There are some areas and parts of the circuit board that are not allowed to be covered with conformal coating, such as switches, sockets, connectors, radiators, etc.YaoNeng Company suggests that prior to construction can be used tape or the United States tape paste protection.
3, the use of technology.A, spraying process: spraying method in the construction of the preparation of the three anti-paint can be directly added to the spray gun can, the air pressure of the spray gun, spray nozzle and the flow of the paint can be adjusted, after sealing directly for spraying.B, brush coating process: according to the size of the product, choose the wool brush correctly, pour the glue into the container, and then use the brush to stick the appropriate glue to the circuit board for uniform construction, according to the required thickness of the number of brushing.After gluing is completed, the surface can be assembled or packaged after curing. If you need to wait for the first paint to dry before brushing.C, dip coating process: dip coating parts immersed in the glue solution for 2-5 seconds, slowly lift the dip coating parts, tilt, until the excess glue natural flow off, dip coating parts flat on absorbent paper (small) or support (large), generally within 20 minutes, check the surface of the dip coating parts, the area is not painted brush paint.
4. Fix the problem.The finished circuit board can be repaired with a plastic scraper to remove the paint film, and then the related parts can be repaired and replaced. After completion, the surface of the board can be cleaned and dried, and then the paint can be painted.
5. [Precautions]
1, conformal coating in use, the construction site humidity can not be greater than 85%, otherwise there will be a slightly white hygroscopic phenomenon.
2, the production process should strengthen ventilation and personal protection work, prohibit open fire, and away from the source of fire and heat source.
3, handling light, packaging cover should be promptly covered, used brush, spray gun should be cleaned in time, in order to be ready for the next time.
4, the test of the parameters of emotion and energy should be carried out at least 24 hours after painting, when the relevant values reach the maximum and stable value.
5, conformal coating will generally have a smell, but after the complete curing of the conformal coating is no smell.
VI. [Packaging and Storage]
1. This product is packed in 1Kg/tank, 3.5Kg/tank and 18Kg/barrel. It can also be packed according to customer's negotiation.
2. This product is flammable, sealed and stored in ventilated, dry, cool and dark place. Shelf life is 12 months.