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One component epoxy structural adhesive

  • 682 one component epoxy resin adhesive fixing adhesive
682 one component epoxy resin adhesive fixing adhesive

682 one component epoxy resin adhesive fixing adhesive

  • Product description: Yaoneng one component epoxy structural adhesive is a kind of one component thermal curing epoxy resin encapsulation material, the product after curing surface is smooth and delicate, good adhesion, hi

I. [Product Features]
1, one component heat curing epoxy resin adhesive, no solvent, no corrosion, no smell
2, black, medium viscosity paste glue, after curing the colloid impact and vibration resistance, high bonding strength
3, curing material with high and low temperature resistance, high pressure, solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low shrinkage, no collapse and other characteristics
4, curing material to metal, plastic and other materials are no corrosion, weather resistance, aging resistance, superior electrical performance
5, after curing, colloid insulation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, non-swelling, in line with the RoHS directive requirements
Two, [scope of application]
Yaoneng 682 epoxy bonding structural adhesive is suitable for the following products and scope:
1. Yoneng single-component epoxy structural adhesive is a kind of single-component thermal curing epoxy resin encapsulating material. After curing, the product has smooth and delicate surface, good adhesion, high bonding strength, and can withstand severe thermal shock and still work continuously at high temperature.
2, suitable for inductance coil positioning, encapsulating transistors and semiconductor components, can also be used for relays, capacitors, triggers, IC circuits, computers, TV sets, refrigerators, cars, motorcycles, motor of all kinds of electronic and electrical components sealing and bonding.
4. Adhesive and fix PCB electronic components and electronic components.Adhesion and protection of IC chips
5, widely used in metal, glass, ceramics, PCB, semiconductor devices, plastic and other objects bonding, sealing, fixing.