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silicone rubber

  • 508 flame retardant electronic silicone rubber
508 flame retardant electronic silicone rubber

508 flame retardant electronic silicone rubber

  • Product Description: RTV one-component room temperature curing silica gel
  • Product features: paste, white, gray, flame retardant type
  • Application: electronic and electrical products bonding, fixing, flame retardant, insulation, waterproof
  • Featured services: free sample, substitute for import
  • Product description: Adhesive, seal, fix and insulate the frame and junction box of solar photovoltaic module. Bonding and sealing of rigid and flexible surfaces, such as motors, transmissions, gears.

I. [Product Features]

1, one component room temperature curing RTV silicone rubber, no solvent, no corrosion, low odor, after curing for the elastomer

2, white, black, gray, fast drying type, paste glue, after curing the colloid impact and vibration resistance

3, curing material has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, high pressure, flame retardant, solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low shrinkage, no collapse and so on

4, curing material to metal, plastic and other materials are no corrosion, weather resistance, aging resistance, superior electrical performance

5, curing material has good seismic, shockproof, shock absorption, strong adhesion, good sealing

6, after curing, colloid insulation, moisture-proof, non-swelling, in line with the RoHS directive requirements

Two, [scope of application]

Yaoneng 508 RTV electronic silica gel (organic silica gel) is suitable for the following range:

1. Adhesive, seal, fix and insulate the frame and junction box of solar photovoltaic modules.

2, rigid and flexible plane bonding and sealing, such as motor, gearbox, gear.

3, switch power supply, electrical equipment, optical instruments and other products of bonding, sealing, fixing, flame retardant, moisture-proof.

4, used for metal, glass, ceramics, PCB board, semiconductor devices, plastic and other objects bonding, sealing, fixing.

IV. [Usage]
1, clean: clean the surface of the construction substrate dust, water, oil and other impurities, and keep dry.
2, sizing: the glue is extruded and coated on the surface of the substrate, and then the other side is glued.Do not force the bonding part before the complete curing, so as not to affect the curing and bonding strength.Good ventilation should be maintained during sizing and curing.
5. [Precautions]
1, sizing and curing process can not be operated in a closed environment, should maintain good ventilation.
2, the production process should strengthen ventilation and personal protection work, prohibit open fire, and away from the source of fire and heat source.
3, handling light, packaging cover should be promptly covered, not used up glue should be sealed well.
4, the test of the performance parameters should be carried out at least 48 hours after sizing, at this time the glue is completely cured.
5. For more data and information related to silica gel, please consult Shenzhen Yaoneng Company for relevant advice and help.
VI. [Packaging and Storage]
1. This product is packed in 100ml/ piece, 300ml/ piece, 2.6L/ piece.
2. This product is a general product, stored sealed in a ventilated, dry, cool, dark place, shelf life of 10 months.