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Conformal coating additives

  • Diluent conformal coating special 120
Diluent conformal coating special 120

Diluent conformal coating special 120

  • Product introduction: special thinner for conformal coating
  • Product features: low viscosity, transparent, universal type
  • Application: Conformal coating dilution
  • Product description: Diluent conformal coating special 120

[product features]
1. Single component, low viscosity, low odor, transparent thinner
2. It can be used with conformal coating to reduce the viscosity of conformal coating
Two, [scope of application]

Yaoneng 120 special diluent for conformal coating is a special auxiliary for conformal coating. After the diluent is mixed with three anti-paint evenly, the viscosity of the conformal coating can be reduced, so as to more conveniently meet the requirements of different products and production processes for the use of conformal coating methods and viscosity.

IV. [Usage]
Conformal coating viscosity is too large to add yao 120 dedicated thinner model can be used, should let stand for 10 minutes after stir well, be bubbles eliminate rear can construction, conformal coating and thinner, proportioning ratio according to the ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 ratio, or the ratio of small batch experiment was carried out, to meet their own needs of conformal coating viscosity.It is recommended that thinners should not be added too much. If the viscosity of the conformal coating is too thin, the conformal coating will be very thin after brushing, and the protective effect of the conformal coating will be greatly reduced, affecting the quality of the product.
5. [Precautions]
1. Venting and personal protection should be strengthened in the production process. Open fire is strictly prohibited and fire sources and heat sources should be kept away.
2, handling light, packaging cover should be promptly covered, in order to prepare for the next time.
VI. [Packaging and Storage]
1, this product is 1 l, 5 l, 20 l drum packaging.
2. This product is flammable, sealed and stored in ventilated, dry, cool and dark place. Shelf life is 12 months.