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Screw fixing agent

  • 1021 screws fixed with glue red
  • 1021 screws fixed with glue red
1021 screws fixed with glue red1021 screws fixed with glue red

1021 screws fixed with glue red

  • Product Description: Red screw fixing glue, screw glue, fixing glue
  • Product features: low viscosity, red colloid, fast surface drying
  • Application: screw fixing, screw loosening, fastening
  • Color service: provide samples, technical consultation
  • Product description: Applicable to screw fixation, screw loose prevention, household appliances, audio, LED outdoor display, consumer electronics and other industries
I. [Product Features]
1, vinyl acetate resin, thermoplastic resin, rubber environmental solvent composition of the single liquid type glue.
2. Good permeability and adhesion, and can be used for fastening screws, nuts, split pins and other parts.
3. After the glue coating is dried, it has the characteristics of elasticity, shock resistance and impact resistance, so as to achieve the effect of anti-loosening and anti-rust.
4, the glue after the screw has a strong anti-loosening effect, but easy to loosen.
5, can prevent screw rust and do not corrode metal or plastic decorative surface.
6, non-anaerobic type glue, aerobic and anaerobic conditions can be used.
Two, [scope of application]
Yoneng 1021 screw fixing adhesive is suitable for the following products and ranges:
1, widely used in audio-visual appliances, TV, audio and other household appliances in the loose parts fixed, all kinds of recorder movement and magnetic head screws and pin fixed, AM/FM stereo digital radio board, car audio, car CD, DVD, audio combination, digital amplifier and other products.
2, electronic circuit board and housing screw fixation, all kinds of electronic products, such as adjustable parts of the fixed after adjustment.
3, all kinds of electronic, electrical, aviation and vehicle industrial products thread fastening.