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Instant adhesive additives

  • 1710 Instant Dry Glue Accelerator
1710 Instant Dry Glue Accelerator

1710 Instant Dry Glue Accelerator

  • Product description: Instant glue, Instant dry glue, Instant dry glue,502 glue, environmental protection Instant dry glue, Instant contact agent

I. [Product Features]

Instant dry glue accelerator, accelerator is a synthetic compound substance, can accelerate, promote, instant dry glue fast curing effect, so as to improve the efficiency of production.Bright instantaneous dry adhesive accelerator can improve the curing speed of instantaneous dry adhesive, enhance viscosity, transparent glue point, convenient operation, and can ensure the quick positioning of the adhesive parts, the appearance of the adhesive parts after material bonding is not affected.

Two, [use method] :

1, clean and bond the surface of the substrate dust, water, oil and other impurities, and keep dry.

2, take an appropriate amount of shine accelerator evenly coated on the next surface, the other side evenly coated with instant glue, pressure bonding surface can be.

III. [Notes] :

1. Accelerator is a volatile product, please pay attention to seal storage after use, it is strictly prohibited to save in high temperature environment.

2, the production process should strengthen ventilation and personal protection work, prohibit open fire, and away from the source of fire and heat source.

3. In case of contact with skin, please rinse with plenty of water.Keep out of reach of children. Be careful of splashing on eyes, skin and clothing.

4. For more data and information, please consult Shenzhen Yaoneng Company for relevant advice and help.

IV. [Packaging and Storage]

1. This product is packed in 20g/piece, 500g/bottle.

2. This product is flammable, sealed in ventilated, dry, cool, dark place, shelf life of 6 months.